Gator (ゲイター) GP-PC1616 Drum Set Cases 超格安価格

【商品名】Gator (ゲイター) GP-PC1616 Drum Set Cases【カテゴリー】楽器:ドラム·パーカッション:ドラム·パーカッションアクセサリ

Gator (ゲイター) GP-PC1616 Drum Set Cases



Gator (ゲイター) GP-PC1616 Drum Set Cases 打楽器 ドラム パーカッション

Recognized as the industry standard rotationally molded drum cases
Provides strength, durability, and simplicity for almost any drum size
The rotational molding process gives added strength and durability to case corners and provides water resistance that non-roto molded cases can't match
Custom depths and colors are available
Comes with a limited, lifetime warranty against cracking

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