Application Requirements

A completed application for admission

Academic records

Supporting bank statement ( US Residency Status)

Affidavit of Financial Support( US Residency Status)

SAT or ACT scores( US Residency Status)

TOEFL or IELTS scores ( US Residency Status)

Each semester, current students register for classes for the next semester.

Registration at the university is a process that includes:

Academic advising with a faculty or staff member, which is required for some majors, but optional for others,

Registering for classes online

Paying a tuition and fee bill or confirming attendance

Before registering

Get ready: everything you need to know to prepare for registration.

Registering for classes

You’ve done your homework; go grab some classes.

Finishing registration

Pay up. And tie up any loose ends.


Don’t use software to grab classes. 

The university will not allow you to use vendor software or other automated programs to register, or to add and drop.

If you do, you may be blocked from registering.

Payment is due within one month and can made at the cashiers in Main 8 or online at What I Owe.

Continuing students do not have to go to the ID center each semester.



Earning an online degree holds benefits that traditional lecture style classroom setting courses do not.

Of these benefits, the most valuable is the ability for a student to do class work on their own time.

The mission of the University of berkshire is to contribute to society through education, learning and research at the highest international level


Exam Papers Online provides access for staff and students of the Berkshire University to the collected degree examination papers of the University from 2004 onwards, They may be used by students as a study aid only.



BSU offers a variety of scholarships ranging from academic to financial for students who meet the criteria set by the University. Recipients must be enrolled in an associate, bachelor, or master’s program.