Diploma of Marketing (OS)

An online Diploma of Marketing and Communications course opens up possibilities.

  • It can be the start of a career in sales and public relations.
  • A diploma also gives you a qualification and skills for senior marketing roles
  • (such as managing a media campaign or a sales team).

If you enjoy studying marketing, you may be able to use your diploma as credit towards a university degree.

  • Completing an online diploma can count as a full year of university study.
  • You get the option of starting a uni program (online or on-campus) from year 2.

The best online marketing courses are flexible.

You can start any time of year and study at times that suit you.

Marketing is the interface between producers and consumers.

In other words, it is the one function in the organization in which the entire business comes together.

Being responsible for both making money for your company and delivering satisfaction to your customers makes marketing a great career.

Study Marketing Online

Berkshire University training providers offer online courses that lead to a Diploma of Marketing and Communication. Also available are Certificate IV and Advanced Diploma qualifications.

You can study this fascinating business topic from the comfort of your home or office.

 All you need is a computer with a broadband connection.

Online courses give you freedom. As well as being able to study from anywhere, you have choice over start times.

Course providers generally allow you to enroll any time of year.

Once you start the course, you can progress at a natural pace, studying when it's convenient.

Students learn about marketing in an interactive online environment.

The digital learning platform provides your course materials and gives you access to instructors.

You may also be able to chat to other students.

Marketing is a subject that is well suited to distance education.

With the rise of digital and social media marketing, it actually makes sense to learn in an online environment.

Marketing professionals need to be skilled at connecting customers to products using information technology.

Career Advancement


Businesses and other organisations benefit from good marketing. It’s how they let potential customers, partners, subscribers or members know about their products and services.

A person with strong marketing skills is useful to almost any employer.

Learning marketing can position you for a dedicated career in business.

You could potentially get a job as a campaign manager, team leader, product manager, or public relations officer.

But marketing graduates work in diverse fields – wherever there is a need for strategic communication or business analysis.

By studying marketing online, you learn how to:

  • conduct sales audits
  • carry out market research
  • profile international markets
  • identify campaign opportunities
  • develop marketing plans and do business presentations
  • monitor campaign outcomes.
The mission of the University of berkshire is to contribute to society through education, learning and research at the highest international level

Best Online Diploma Courses


Accredited online diplomas in marketing are available from a limited number of Berkshire University and universities.

  • The best online courses offer a good learning experience.
  • Enrolling is straightforward, instructor expectations are clear, the content is engaging, and you gain useful knowledge.

The top online marketing diplomas have been chosen based on course features, student feedback, and value for money.


 Diploma of Applied Business (Marketing)

The Berkshire University has a fully online marketing diploma for USA-based students.

You can enroll anytime. An BSU of 60+ (or 2 years of work experience) is needed for entry.

The program is exam-free and takes around 9 months of full-time study.

By passing, you can choose to continue with a BSU business degree as a 2nd-year student.

Topics include evaluating marketing opportunities, forecasting, market research, and trend analysis.

The program is delivered in partnership with  Global Business School and features content from business and world leaders

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The mission of the University of berkshire is to contribute to society through education, learning and research at the highest international level

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