Graduate Certificate in Accounting (TBC)

  • An online Graduate Certificate in Accounting is one of the best value qualifications around.
    • Online courses can be completed from home or work in a matter of months, with minimal life disruption.
    • A Graduate Certificate in Accounting is valuable in Australia's job market.
    • Graduates qualify for further study and subsequent professional accreditation.

    Good online programs let you choose units to match your needs and preferences. You can also start studying at different times of the year. And you can easily adjust your study load to balance study with work or family life.

  • The Graduate Certificate in Accounting provides an opportunity for students who have majored in a non-accounting discipline to achieve an accounting qualification and progress into full Master of Accounting courses

The Graduate Certificate in Accounting


An online Graduate Certificate in Accounting is a short course that teaches accounting methods and principles. A program may consist of both introductory and advanced units.

  • A full program is 4 units, chosen from an available set of usually 8 or more.
  • It takes 1 semester (3-4 months) of full-time study (or longer if done part-time).
  • Students who don't have a degree can enroll in the course as a pathway to a diploma or a masters degree in professional accounting.

Graduate certificate courses are typically embedded in diploma and masters programs.

That means, if you enjoy it, you can keep studying beyond 4 units and gain a higher qualification.

Why Get a Grad Cert Acc?

Graduate certificates for accounting are popular because they are quick and versatile.

Different types of students enroll in online GradCertAcc programs, including

  1. People without an accounting degree who want to gain good initial exposure to the accounting field (which is valuable in business).
  2. People without an accounting degree who want to become professional accountants. The Grad Cert Acc is a pathway to an MPA. Entry standards are more relaxed and completed units count towards a masters.
  3. Accounting graduates needing to do some top-up units to qualify for professional accreditation programs (Chartered Accountant, Public Accountant, or Certified Practising Accountant).

Best Online Diploma Courses


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  • Quit rates can be high for cheap online programs.
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BSU Graduate Certificate in Accounting

The BSU offers a 100% online Graduate Certificate in Accounting. The 4-unit course is intended for (i) accounting graduates who need extra units to gain accreditation with professional accounting organisations and (ii) non-graduates seeking entry into the Master of Professional Accounting. Subjects are drawn from the Master of Professional Accounting program, covering both introductory and advanced units in accounting, finance, systems, law, auditing, economics and statistics.

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