The basic purpose of the program is to provide access to quality education to working adults and students worldwide being our representative in your region you are expected to refer as many students as you can to us.


You can be our partner if you are an:


Educational consultants: Berkshire University Partnership Program is a great way to expand your income and increase your authenticity.

As a partner you may bring as many students to the university as you want and earn likewise.

Educational Institutes: Universities/Institutions that are interested in offering their study programs online but for various reasons want to spare themselves the time and effort of systemizing the whole online set up can have the benefit of affiliating their University with Berkshire University and either enjoy the implementation of Berkshire University complete programs or in collaboration with their own programs at a certain percentage.

Also, universities that want to boost their goodwill and further solidify their reputation of being quality education providers are potential targets too.

Entrepreneurs: Leading organizations in the corporate sector or those seeking to strengthen their Human Resources in order to perform better than their competitors and achieve more revenues and goals.


Berkshire University Partners with MBA USA

Berkshire University continues to excel in academic excellence for students all over the world.

Our esteemed partnership with MBA US is an effort to maximize Berkshire University reach to students in every part of the world.

This honorable partnership will allow students from Middle East to enroll at discounted rates and realize their dream of high education.

Berkshire University purpose is to spread education all over the world, while making sure that students benefit from it in a broader spectrum.