Microsoft Excel Training (TBC)

Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular data software. You can learn to use it by taking an online course.

If you don't know how to use Excel well, you should definitely learn.

  • You can access cheap training courses online, including free tutorials and certified diploma courses.
  • Once you know how to use Excel, you will have a handy tool that will boost your productivity in many ways for years to come.

People use Excel for numerous jobs, such as managing data, doing calculations and building lists. Top analysts and other professionals usually know how to use Excel.

Would you love to be able to work through spreadsheets like magic? I cannot say enough how freeing it is to be able to have an intuitive idea of what you want to do in Excel, and be able to execute that idea through a mastery of the tool.

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Why Learn Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is the easiest and best way to do numerous tasks. Being comfortable using Excel is a great skill to have. You have the power to organise and manipulate almost any kind of digital information.

Once you have mastered Excel, you'll never look back. You will be more productive and employable. With Excel, you can

  1. Do quick calculations and create charts
  2. Organise personal information, such as accounts and usernames
  3. Create budgets and record expenses (accounting)
  4. Create plans and timetables
  5. Read information supplied to you as data
  6. Sort downloaded information, such as bank transactions
  7. Build databases and do analysis in a work setting.

Free Online Training Courses

Free Excel training courses typically use video presentations, which are organised into modules. You can learn about a specific topic by watching a video and trying to repeat the actions in Excel.

For free online Excel training, you might want to try

  • GCF LearnFree.org (they have a well organised set of video modules)
  • excel-easy.com has 300+ illustrated examples for quick learning
  • Another option is to use Microsoft's official training videos.

Free training tutorials are effective when you know which bit of Excel you want to learn about. But it can be boring to learn just by working through videos one by one.


Online Microsoft Excel Courses

For an engaging and satisfying learning experience, there are some affordable online courses.

High quality self-paced or interactive Excel courses start from around $180 (USD).

  • They beat free courses because the providers have invested more in learning materials.
  • Some courses also include interactive lessons.
  • Extra features help you to keep working through the program.

Paying for a course produces better learning outcomes for 2 main reasons. The first is that the product is superior, with more highly developed content. The other reason is that you've financially invested in the course. That investment encourages you to keep learning, finish the course and get a 

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Excel with Business

Excel with Business offers a huge range of courses under monthly and annual membership options. The beauty of joining Excel with Business is that you can try some of their free or cheap training courses for a month at a low price. Then keep going only if the style of learning is working for you. Excel with Business are all about providing practical, effective training. They show you how to do truly useful things instead of trying to teach every little capability MS Excel offers.

Excel Everest Training Program

The Excel Everest program uses software which allows students to learn by doing.

  • The program is self-paced.
  • It has an interactive quality and is fun (by workbook training standards).
  • Content is actually presented within the Excel environment.
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