Human Resources (TBC)

You can study a 100% online course for a human resources (HR) management degree.

  • Australian universities offer fully online HR courses – at both bachelor and masters levels.
  • Students build HR skills by learning principles of people and organisation management.

The best distance education courses offer both academic rigour and convenience. You are able to earn a professional degree by studying online 

The key functions of the Human Resources Management (HRM) team include recruiting people, training them, performance appraisals, motivating employees as well as workplace communication, workplace safety, and much more.

Human Resource Excellence

Why Study HR Management?

Studying human resources gives you skills which are useful in any organisation. It also qualifies you for many jobs.

  • People are the most important asset to any business or non-profit enterprise.
  • As an HR professional, you are responsible for managing people to achieve organisation objectives.
  • You handle things such as recruitment, training, performance management and employee relations.

A career in HR presents interesting challenges and opportunities. Here are our top 3 reasons why you should study HR management online and set up a career in this field.

1. You enjoy helping people

Working in HR places you as the link person between workers and management. To perform well, you need strong people skills. You are likely to thrive if enjoy a role that requires listening, having empathy, guiding, advocating and being firm when required.

Caring about people's welfare and development is perhaps what matters most for a successful career. All the relevant skills can be developed. Ultimately, though, you must want to overcome challenges involved with managing employee relations.

2. Valuable and interesting work

A good HR manager makes a big contribution to an organisation's performance. You may play a pivotal role in successful employee recruitment, development, morale building and retention. HR managers can help build a high performing team. The impact you have on people and the business is often direct and significant.

You also operate in a dynamic environment with constant variety. Every employee and team is different. Organisations also evolve. There is no way to predict what issues may arise from one day to the next.

3. Career flexibility and progression

Every organisation has HR tasks and every large organisation has an HR department. That means HR professionals have access to diverse jobs in every city. HR management is one of the most flexible jobs around.

You also have the ability to keep advancing your career, which provides an ongoing source of motivation.

  • As a graduate, you may do things such as processing employee paperwork, drafting job descriptions, and compiling staff statistics.
  • As you move up, you may concentrate on a discipline such as training, performance and salaries, or employee relations.
  • At a senior level, you may handle grievances, procure training programs, do contract negotiations and manage teams.

Study HR online

By studying HR online, you earn a degree in the most convenient way possible.

  • Australian universities offer fully online HR management degrees.
  • You never have to attend a lecture or tutorial on campus.
  • Course material is available online. You only need an internet connection.

Online HR courses are structured for convenience and flexibility.

  • You can start studying at any time of year (not just in March or July).
  • You can also study year-round, including the summer months.
  • Many students combine online study with full-time or part-time work.

As an HR professional, I think we need to remember that we represent our employees. We need to dig in and get to know them and what they want out of a career.

We also should understand business functions. This way we can support employee growth by matching it with business initiatives – and truly create that partnership for both employees and company.

~ Kristin Johnson

Human resources jobs list

Careers Adviser • Employment and Industrial Relations Consultant • HR Manager • HR Officer • Industrial Relations Officer • Learning and Development Manager • Management Consultant • Occupational Health and Safety Manager • Office Manager • Organisational Development Manager • Recruitment Consultant • Trade Union Official • Training and Development Officer • Workplace Relations Adviser

Top Bachelor Degree Courses

The best online bachelor degrees in human resource management (HRM) are available from the strongest online business schools.

  • HRM is a business specialisation.
  • To major in HRM, you typically enroll in a Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Commerce 3-year program.
  • To qualify for the major, you need to do enough relevant units. For example, HRM subjects may need to comprise at least 25% of your course in year 1, 37.5% in year 2, and 50% in year 3.

Online Study BSU has selected the best online HRM bachelor courses. The top degrees are available from business programs which are highly rated in the BSU Graduate Survey.


Online HR Masters Programs

Getting an online masters degree is a way to become a human resources (HR) manager or give your existing HR career a boost.

  • Masters programs are open to people with a business degree.
  • If you don't have a business degree, you may be able to start with a graduate certificate course (which could have more relaxed entry requirements).
  • A graduate certificate (4 units) gives you credit towards a graduate diploma (8 units) and masters (12- 16 units).

A good masters program can teach you a great deal about HR. Learning HR management theory and principles is especially useful where you have significant work experience. This allows you to better relate theory to the real world.

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