Customer Care

Centre for Continuing Education

Have your say. We’ll listen.

We regularly seek feedback from students regarding our services. We use your feedback to identify areas in which students are having problems so we can consider how to improve them.

Issues identified by students through this process are not normally viewed as complaints, but rather as constructive feedback on how we are performing under our responsibilities.

However, in some cases you may feel you have experienced unreasonable treatment, disadvantage or distress and want to make a complaint about it.

In this case, it is important that you direct your complaint to us so that it can be addressed quickly and by the most qualified staff member.

Our policy

Resolve issues in a way which is satisfactory to you and us.

View your feedback as an opportunity to improve our business and our service delivery to you.

Record all information according to Australia’s Privacy Legislation.

Commitment to best practice

We are committed to ensuring the way we respond to your feedback is receptive to your needs and is striving towards best practice. We do this by conducting regular customer response surveys to determine the level of satisfaction with our services.

We maintain our best practice approach through training. All of our staff who have a customer interface must complete service and complaint handling training and attend regular briefings.

Our principles

We follow specific principles that ensure your complaint receives the attention it deserves.

We value and welcome your feedback whether it is concern, complaint or praise.

You are entitled to a courteous and fair response.

You are entitled to a transparent process.

It is in your and our best interests for us to handle your complaint promptly, keeping you informed along the way.

Information we record

It is important to record your complaint to assist us:

Track how your feedback is being handled and keep you informed.

Understand customer needs.

Identify problems which are being experienced by more than one customer.

Comply with privacy requirements and industry standards.

We record the following information so we can respond to you personally with regards to your complaint:

A description of your feedback/complaint.

Any resolution you request.

The service you complain about.

The date you submit your feedback.

The due date for a response from us to you.

The actions taken to try and resolve your complaint.

The resolution we reach with you.

Dealing fairly with complaints

We aim to find a transparent and fair solution to your complaint using all relevant information and common sense. In making a decision we always consider the following:

The law, industry codes and guidelines.

Our guaranteed service levels.

What is fair.

What makes sense to us as a business.

If the complaint is not resolved within five business days, you are entitled to a written explanation of what has happened setting out all of the reasons for the delay in resolution.


When you make a complaint, we will:

Acknowledge the complaint either by phone, or email, as soon as we can after receipt and provide you with a reference number allocated to your complaint.

Initiate resolution at your first point of contact.

Aim to resolve your complaint at your first point of contact with us.

Respond to all complaints that are not resolved at your first contact within two business days and aim to resolve most complaints within five business days.

Keep you informed of the reasons for the delay and a date by which you can reasonably expect a decision.

Some complaints will take longer to resolve because of the particular issues they raise or the complexity of the issue.


If you are seeking to make a general enquiry or provide feedback, please contact us here.