Project Management Diplomas (OS)

  • Online diploma courses in project management teach you how to manage projects in a structured way.
  • You learn principles behind effective planning and administration of complex projects.An online certificate, diploma or advanced diploma in project management can be helpful at different stages of your career. Accredited courses are of most benefit when you:
    1. want to demonstrate you are ready to manage people and projects
    2. have started managing projects and want to upgrade your skills or
    3. are an experienced manager who could benefit from a refresher course.

    Online study is popular among project managers because it minimises time away from work and family.

  • With self-paced online courses, you can literally study wherever and whenever it's convenient.
  • Qualified project managers are in high demand in USA.
  • The skilled migration list ranks accredited project managers at the top of its in-demand list... A project management course will provide skills to plan and manage successfully, whether you’re introducing a new product or service, implementing the latest initiative or even managing a corporate event.

Study Project Management Online

Studying project management online is a time-efficient way to boost your career.

  • Studying online allows you to balance your studies with work and other commitments.
  • Many distance learners on project management courses also work full-time.

Project management as a study topic is suited to the online format.

  • Project management courses give you conceptual frameworks, strategies, and communication skills for executing projects effectively.
  • They deal with abstract, high-level elements of your work. These can be readily learned online.

Conceptual knowledge from an online diploma course complements the experience you gain from working on or leading projects.

Bringing Knowledge to the Course


If you aspire to be a project manager, it is often recommended that you start by working on projects.

Formal training can come later. If you get few leadership opportunities at work, you can always start projects outside of work (such as home renovations or starting a website).

  • In an accredited project management course, you're expected to bring project knowledge.
  • Your past and/or current work experiences are likely to be drawn upon extensively across multiple parts of the program.


Online courses in project management are relevant for all kinds of managers across all industries.

That's because students learn general principles.

But you may also be able to focus on a specific industry (such as construction, engineering or information systems). Industry specialisation is possible through your choice of units, project examples, or case studies


Best Online Diploma Courses


The best online Diploma of Project Management courses offer you a good learning experience at a reasonable price.

An accredited diploma program consists of 12 units, 8 of which 

  • Compulsory units cover project scope, time, quality, cost and risk; as well as human resources, information and communication, and project integration.
  • There's more than a dozen possible electives to choose from, though providers usually offer a smaller selection (to keep costs down). 

With the course structure largely fixed, the difference between courses comes down to instructor quality, program flexibility, admin and student support, and fees.

The top project management diplomas in USA have been chosen based on course features, student feedback and price.

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Diploma of Project Management

The Berkshire University of Commerce and Management offers an online Diploma of Project Management

(as well as a Certificate IV in Project Management Practice).

You can choose from a variety of elective units, including team effectiveness, emotional intelligence, workplace relations, operational planning, continuous improvement, customer service, workplace learning, safety and people performance. The program is self-paced, allowing you to start anytime and balance study with other commitments.

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