International Business Diplomas (OS)

A Diploma of International Business helps you work in sectors to do with trade, investment and foreign relations. Studying online is a convenient way to get this qualification, which can also be used as a pathway to a university degree.

As a student of international business, you learn how to make an organisation succeed in a competitive global environment.

International markets are dynamic and can be tough for companies to break into.

But they also offer tremendous commercial and professional opportunities.

The best online diploma courses are flexible and affordable. You can learn about international business in a convenient way and gain an accredited qualification for under $10,000.

Whatever you’re studying – whether it be accounting, finance, marketing, supply chain, or something else – having an understanding of economic, political, and cultural differences will give you new perspectives that you’ll bring with you to make you a more “globally savvy” employee.

Study International Business Online

You can get a Diploma of International Business without ever attending a campus.

Online courses allow you to complete a full program from the convenience of your home or office.

All you need is a computer and internet connection.

International business diplomas consist of 8 units.

With guided courses, you work at the general pace of a group that moves through program content together.

But there are also self-paced courses available. You can start any time of year and choose how much or how little study you do each week.

International business is a subject that requires students to grasp concepts and accumulate knowledge across diverse fields; from trade and marketing, through to regulatory compliance and business administration.

A good online course allows you to learn in an interactive, varied environment. Along with traditional text readings, there may be videos and animations. Students also do regular exercises, which encourage attentiveness and active learning.


Career Advancement


The world is getting smaller. More and more people are needed to manage international relationships and cross-border transactions. The skills you get from completing an international business course with an Berkshire University  will always hold value in the job market.

Businesses and other organisations need international business experts at operational and executive levels.

There are practical, logistical roles involved with trade and multi-currency transactions.

Companies also benefit from research into international markets and opportunities to sell products and services abroad.

By studying international business online, you learn how to:

  • analyse international markets and forecast product demand
  • model international consumption patterns
  • manage cross-border operations and run projects
  • market products globally.

Learning international business can position you for a long career in the field.

Job roles that you may undertake include import or export management, purchasing from foreign or multinational organisations, freight supervision, logistical planning, and international marketing.


Best Online Diploma Courses


The best online Diploma of Business Administration courses provide value for money. They offer both quality and affordability.

The average cost of an accredited business admin diploma in Australia is around $10,000. We believe the best courses can deliver an excellent learning experience for less than that.

  • If you want good value, you should also avoid very cheap courses.
  • Quit rates can be high for cheap online programs.
  • If the completion rate for a cut-price diploma is high, the course is probably too easy and students aren't being properly trained.

Online Study Australia has chosen the best diploma courses based on course features, quality of the website (the best courses make good use of technology), student feedback, and tuition fees.


Online Diploma Courses


You Study Diploma of International Business


You Study offers a 100% online Diploma of International Business. An estimated 415 nominal hours of study is required to complete the course.

Subjects include promoting products and services internationally, profiling international markets, analysing consumer behaviour in international markets, building international client relationships, and building international business networks. The course is self-paced (so you can start straight away) and competitively priced.

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