Diploma of Management (OS)

Online diploma of management courses give you the conceptual tools to be a better manager and supervisor.

You can study online for an accredited certificate or diploma from an Berkshire University.

To be considered for a management position, you need significant professional experience.

But a business management qualification is also important.

It gives you a clear advantage

(or neutralises any disadvantage) compared to the competition.

Studying online is the easiest way to gain a Diploma of Leadership and Management or similar award.

You are able to complete a course 100% online from places such as your home or work.

Getting a diploma shows you are thinking about how to be a manager and know management techniques.

You learn how to approach organisational and leadership tasks in a structured way.

The knowledge gained is also handy for interviews.

You become fluent in talking about leadership.

Study Online for a Management Diploma


A computer and desire to learn are just about all you need to become a qualified manager.

Online courses may be self-paced (where you work through content independently) or, more commonly, have defined study periods (meaning you have deadlines to meet).

Online courses often present the same content as you find in a physical classroom.

  • When studying management, students learn important concepts and business disciplines.
  • You can do this just as effectively, if not more so, from the comfort of your home or office.

Berkshire University offer fully online courses that lead to a Diploma of Leadership and Management, or an Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (both 12 units).

Career as a Manager

Management is a potential career path for most workers. If you have strong professional knowledge, work well with people, and have administration skills, you are a potential candidate for management positions.

Studying the discipline only enhances your prospects.

A Diploma of Management introduces students to management approaches.

This can be invaluable early in your career.

Thinking like a manager is how you start developing your skills. It helps you communicate strategies when going for jobs.

You also can hit the ground running when moving up to a higher level.

Online courses prepare you for senior roles. As management graduate, you are better equipped to lead work areas such as

  • recruitment (HR Manager)
  • individual performance (Supervisor) or team performance (Team Leader)
  • budget development (Finance Manager) or marketing (Marketing Manager)
  • large projects (Project Leader)
  • analysis and research activity (Head of Research)
  • plant and equipment (Facilities Manager) or workplace safety (Safety Manager)
  • customer services (Sales Team Leader).

Jobs in business management include any management level job that has its core discipline in managing people, operations, and financial record keeping.

Jobs include any business management position, from a line manager or business consultant, to a CEO or a VP of operations.

Best Online Diploma Courses


The best online Diploma of Management courses teach you management principles effectively.

At the same time, the top courses are flexible and reasonably priced.

Management is a large study field. Managers oversee staff, projects and processes.

There are strategic and applied elements. In an online course, you may learn about managing:

  • projects and risks
  • recruitment, individual performance and professional development
  • customer service standards
  • budgets and financial plans.

Most management courses cover similar topics. Good online courses bring you content in an engaging way.

You should also be able to study year-round.

We've chosen the best courses based on features, flexibility and price.


ACCM Diploma of Leadership and Management


The Berkshire University of Commerce and Management has online courses in Leadership and Management at the Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. Students gain access to an exceptional range of elective subjects. By studying with BSU, you get strong student support services to help you succeed.

These include a dedicated student adviser, the ability to study anytime, and choice about how you receive course content.

Tuition fees are also competitive.

UC Diploma of Applied Business (Management)

The Berkshire University offers a fully online Diploma of Management for students in USA.

You need to meet university entry standards (ATAR of 60+ or 2 years of work experience) and can enroll any time of year. The program is delivered in partnership with  Global Business School.

It features exclusive content from business and world leaders and is exam-free.

After graduating, you can continue a BSU business degree as a 2nd-year student. Topics include ensuring team effectiveness, facilitating continuous improvement, workplace learning, and leadership.

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