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Exam Papers Online provides access for staff and students of the Berkshire University to the collected degree examination papers of the University from 2004 onwards, They may be used by students as a study aid only.

Scope of the collection

Exam Papers Online is primarily based on the set of papers which the Library receives directly from schools and includes papers from first, second, third year and honours years and some advanced courses.

Papers for each academic year will generally be available in the first semester of the following academic year.

They are presented in the same format as the original exam pages. Those prior to University restructuring in 2002 are organised according to faculties and departments.

Spoilt papers and other specifically requested exclusions are not included.


Exam Papers Online is available on and off-campus. Follow the link to the exam papers you require. You will be prompted for your EASE username and password. Remain within the same browser window and access should be seamless.

Printed exam papers

Bound volumes of older sets – up to academic year 2004/2005 – have now been removed to the Library Annexe and may be retrieved upon request.

Take down procedure

Where possible, the Library has made past University exam papers available online as a study aid to current students and these can be accessed by following the links above.

A request may be submitted to have a paper, or papers, removed from the web pages by emailing the address below, giving details of the academic year and course title of the paper(s) concerned and the reason for the request.

Further information and help

Cannot find the paper you are looking for?

If it is a recent one it has probably not been added yet, so do try again at a later date. If you have other questions about any aspect of Exams Online, please get in touch.


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