Masters Degree in Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice, MA

Program Objectives

MACJ program enables students to contribute to the criminal justice profession and fosters independent learning. Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

  • Evaluate an agency’s ability to meet the safety needs of a community including corrections, law enforcement and administration of justice
  • Evaluate, research and critically analyze gaps or deficiencies in criminal justice services
  • Effectively and ethically lead and manage criminal justice, community services, and human/social services professionals in both public and private sectors
  • Evaluate contemporary criminal justice systems and their policies and practices
  • Evaluate the psychological basis, nature and causes of crime: typologies and offenders
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills in writing through organizing, thinking critically, and communicating ideas and information in documents and presentations.


Prerequisites for Major Courses

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Program Outline

To receive a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice degree, students must earn 36 graduate semester credit hours. Thirty of the program hours must be completed through . Program requirements are as follows:

Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Major Courses ( 36.0 credit hours )
Seminar in Criminal Justice ( Prerequisite course ) 3.0 credit hours
Seminar in Law Enforcement 3.0 credit hours
Seminar in Court Systems 3.0 credit hours
Seminar in Correctional Systems 3.0 credit hours
Theory in Criminology and Criminal Justice 3.0 credit hours
Management and Administration of CJ 3.0 credit hours
Professionalism and Ethics in CJ 3.0 credit hours
Juvenile Justice 3.0 credit hours
Gender, Race and Crime 3.0 credit hours
Research Methods in CJ 3.0 credit hours
Capstone: Criminal Justice Thesis Part I 3.0 credit hours
Capstone: Criminal Justice Thesis Part II ( Taken in last term ) 3.0 credit hours

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