Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership, MSOL


Program Description

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program is designed to enhance the professional skills of current and aspiring organizational leaders.

The program is aimed at individuals who seek to develop and increase their leadership skills in the contextual areas of their professional lives.

Program Objectives

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) program enables students to contribute to leadership roles in the management profession and fosters independent learning. Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

  • Examine and apply organizational leadership theories.
  • Understand organizational behavior and change to increase organizational effectiveness.
  • Create leadership development plans for self-awareness and improvement.
  • Employ research for organizational analysis and problem solving.
  • Analyze organizational communication and the relationship of communication to organizational satisfaction and effectiveness.
  • Develop strategic plans to achieve organizational effectiveness and success.
  • Evaluate leadership and supervision practices from any work group in terms of human impact and financial impact over the short and medium term.
  • Apply ethical principles and generally accepted business practices to the leadership functions of organizations.
  • Implement and revise motivational practices and systems that meet the strategies and constraints of the work environment.
  • Evaluate Financial, Accounting and Economic Data to drive decision making.

Program Outline

Students take 12 major courses for 36 graduate credit hours to receive a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership degree. Courses in the program are each eight-weeks in length and students are normally scheduled for one course every eight weeks.

Thirty of the program hours must be completed through BSU.

Program requirements are as follows:

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership Major Courses  ( 36.0 credit hours )
Foundations of Leadership 3.0 credit hours
Organizational Behavior 3.0 credit hours
Leadership Development 3.0 credit hours
Theory and Development of Motivation 3.0 credit hours
Leading Through Change and Beyond 3.0 credit hours
Conflict Management and Negotiation 3.0 credit hours
Team Development and Leadership 3.0 credit hours
Leadership and Ethics 3.0 credit hours
Global Human Resource Management 3.0 credit hours
Business Research Methods 3.0 credit hours
Strategic Management 3.0 credit hours
Accounting Finance and Economics Practices for Leaders 3.0 credit hours

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