Masters Degree in Psychology

Psychology, MS


Program Objectives

Master of Science in Psychology program enables students to contribute to the profession through independent learning, scholarship, and research. Upon completion of this program, students are able to:

  • Develop an understanding of general psychological principals and theories to include evolutionary psychology, psychopathology, human development, health psychology, and tests and measures.
  • Appreciate diversity in individuals demonstrated through application of multicultural methods of research and understanding of psychological principles.
  • Utilize research methods to interpret and evaluate research data.

Program Outline

To receive a Master of Science in Psychology degree, students must complete 36 graduate semester credit hours. Students may continue in the Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology program.

Thirty of the program hours must be completed through BSU.

Program requirements are as follows:

Master of Science in Psychology Major Courses ( 36.0 credit hours )
Required Major Core Courses ( 30 credits )
History and Systems of Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Health Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Psychopathology 3.0 credit hours
Evolutionary Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Master’s Thesis, Part I ( Prerequisite: PSY701, RSM600) 3.0 credit hours
Master’s Thesis, Part II ( Prerequisite: PSY502, PSY532, PSY542, PSY562, PSY690 ) PSY699 is taken after 33 graduate semester hours have been completed, and must be taken alone. 3.0 credit hours
Research, Ethics, and Scholarly Writing ( Program prerequisite course-taken alone ) 3.0 credit hours
Organization Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Human Resource Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Tests and Measurements 3.0 credit hours
Quantitative Research I 3.0 credit hours
Research Design/Thesis Proposal

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