Bachelor Degree in Management

Bachelor Degree in Management

You may have heard the phrase, “play nice in the sandbox.”Well, it’s in that very sandbox that some of the most important business skills are first developed, like working in groups, sharing, dealing with conflict, and not throwing stones (or sand). It’s where some of us discovered we were born to rule that sandbox—that we were destined to be leaders.

No matter where your career path takes you, it’s bound to involve working with others. Your effectiveness will depend on your knowledge of the industry you work in, dedication to the company you work for, and your ability to work independently or with a team to get things done. So now the size of your sandbox has grown, but the principles haven’t changed.

At BSU, we take the doers, the natural-born leaders, and mold them into managers of tomorrow’s business world. Think of BSU as a playground for future professionals. While we don’t have slides and swing sets, we will equip you with the skill sets to help you slide right in to many rewarding job opportunities!

A Degree that Works

This major is not industry-specific; therefore, you can pursue any industry of your choice. The following is a partial list of where you will find some of our graduates employed.

  • Bayer Healthcare, LLC
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  • BMW, Braman Motorcars
  • British Petroleum PLC (BP)
  • Century 21 Signature Realty
  • Cartus Consulting Services Group
  • Champion Laboratories, Inc.
  • Con Soleil Business Services, LLC
  • Design Financial, Inc.
  • FLIR Commercial Systems BV, Inc.
  • Ford and Mazda of Orange
  • Hyundai Capital America, Inc.
  • Innewways
  • LQ Management, LLC
  • Otis Elevator Company
  • Purple Turtle Jewelry
  • Raytheon Company: Missile Systems
  • United States Postal Service
  • U.S. Foreign Commercial Services
  • U.S. Military
  • Wall-Brunning Associates, Inc.
  • Write-Books4U

    Education in Action

  • Visits from industry guests allow you to hear from the people who live and breathe management every day.
  • You’ll study and review case studies of actual companies and the challenges they face.
  • Business simulations allow you to practice your management skills in a true-to-life business environment. This is where you’ll acquire the critical thinking, problem solving, and people skills needed to have a successful management career.
  • We have great professors who have had management experience in many different settings. They know what today’s employers are looking for and how to make sure you stand out.
  • By using interactive learning tools and techniques, such as student-led discussions, online forums, video tools, etc., you learn in a more intellectually stimulating environment.
  • Take part in any of our on-campus business clubs like Business Professionals of America, Collegiate DECA, Competitive Speech, or Mock Trial. If you have any interest in checking out what other majors do, you may want to join the American Advertising Federation, American Marketing Association, International Business Association, Entrepreneurship Society…you get the picture.


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