Bachelor Degree in Social Media Communications

Bachelor of Science in Social Media Communications

Bachelor of Science in Social Media Communications prepares students for careers in the fields of marketing, advertising, communications, technology, and management with a special focus on social media and its applications. Students are offered courses in management, marketing, technology, and communications in order to learn key concepts for ethical decision making and other marketing/communication elements. Students will also learn to apply social media theory and practice in the workplace, both locally and globally.

Program Objectives

The following objectives are designed to meet BSU mission and its goals:

  • Apply key concepts of communication theory and practice in the workplace
  • Understand communication concepts of social media and how to apply these concepts within the workplace
  • Understand and apply management and marketing skills in connection with the evolving landscape of social media
  • Utilize technology required within the framework of social media to optimize marketing potential in the workplace

Program Outline

Lower Division Social Media Communications Major Courses (18.0 credit hours)
Introduction to Mktg/Self Promotion 3.0 Credit Hours
Introduction to Social Media Platforms 3.0 Credit Hours
Entrepreneurship 3.0 Credit Hours
Principles of Management 3.0 Credit Hours
Introduction to Marketing 3.0 Credit Hours
Human Resource Management 3.0 Credit Hours
Social Media Communications Upper Division Courses (60.0 credit hours)
Persuasion 3.0 credit hours
Business and Professional Communication 3.0 credit hours
Cross-Cultural Communication 3.0 credit hours
Communication, Technology, and Change 3.0 credit hours
Political Communication 3.0 credit hours
History and Philosophy of American Media 3.0 credit hours
Introduction to Communication Research 3.0 credit hours
Public Relations 3.0 credit hours
Information Resources Management in the Public Sector 3.0 credit hours
Public Relations Campaigns 3.0 credit hours
Communication Law and Ethics 3.0 credit hours
Social Media and Society 3.0 credit hours
Internship OR Capstone 3.0 credit hours
Sales and Sales Management 3.0 credit hours
Consumer Behavior 3.0 credit hours
Advertising/Promotional Management 3.0 credit hours
Marketing Strategy 3.0 credit hours
Service Marketing 3.0 credit hours
E-Marketing 3.0 credit hours
Industrial/Organizational Psychology 3.0 credit hours
Project Management 3.0 credit hours
International Business 3.0 credit hours
Upper Division General Education Courses (12.0 credit hours)
Management Information Systems 3.0 credit hours
Professional Writing 3.0 credit hours
Critical Thinking 3.0 credit hours

Lower Division General Education Courses (33.0 credit hours) (pdf file)