Associate of Arts degree in Hospitality

Associate of Arts degree in Hospitality

Associate of Arts degree in Hospitality will prepare students with competencies in the areas of sales, financial management, food and beverage sales and safety, facilities maintenance and housekeeping, as well as general accounting tailored to the hotel and resort industry. Course work will focus on the business aspects of hospitality operations and incorporates externships to solidify skills.

Program Objectives

The following program objectives are designed to meet BSU mission and goals. Graduates will be able to:

Understand the basic functions, objectives, and operational skills that are common to the hospitality industry

Demonstrate content knowledge in the field of hotel, resort, and hospitality management

Research and analyze information in the field

Translate theory into practical applications in the resort, hospitality, recreation and tourism industry

Demonstrate satisfactory oral and written presentation skills

Demonstrate industry competency and skills during field experiences/ internships

Evaluate information in order to understand the dynamics of changing work environments, problem solve, make decisions, and provide leadership skills necessary to succeed in the hotel, resort, hospitality, and tourism profession

Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate real-world work experiences and apply textbook theory

Use accounting and financial skills necessary to demonstrate competence in dealing with changing economic conditions in the hotel, resort and hospitality industry


Program Outline

To receive an Associate of Arts degree in Hospitality, a student must earn 60 credit hours.  Program requirements are as follows:

Hospitality Major Courses (27.0 credit hours)
Introduction to Hospitality Industry 3.0 credit hours
Food and Beverage Management 3.0 credit hours
Selected Topics in Hospitality Industry 3.0 credit hours
Hospitality Marketing, Sales & Promotion 3.0 credit hours
Supervision in Hospitality Industry 3.0 credit hours
Front Desk Administration 3.0 credit hours
Hotel Financial Accounting- Night Auditing 3.0 credit hours
Hospitality: Hotel Operations Externship I 3.0 credit hours
Hospitality: Hotel Operations Externship II  3.0 credit hours

General Education Courses (33.0 credit hours) (PDF file)
To view the PDF file you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free copy of this software click here or go to the Adobe website at www.berkshireuniversity.us


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