Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, DBA

Business Administration, DBA

Program Objectives

BSU Doctor of Business Administration degree program enables students to contribute to the business profession and the business educational profession through independent learning, scholarship, and research. At the conclusion of the program, doctoral students will:

  • Apply and evaluate effective leadership and decision-making practices at complex, multifaceted, and global organizations
  • Formulate and disseminate organizational goals and strategies with data through versatile information systems
  • Have the ability to prepare and evaluate ethical informed business decisions using advanced research methods, and communicate effectively at various organizational levels, in a global business environment
  • Be educated to enhance their awareness and improve their ability to meet the opportunities and challenges in the global business environment
  • Be prepared to contribute to the body of knowledge as part of the research community for application in the global business environment
  • Be prepared for careers as university researchers and teachers or for senior positions in business or government
  • Demonstrate professional communication skills in writing through organizing, thinking critically, and communicating ideas and information in documents, presentations, and publications.


Prerequisites for Major Courses:

  • Master degree in business administration, management, public or non-profit management, or related field that demonstrates exposure to managerial functions from an accredited institution and (2) two years of full-time managerial or professional experience; or Master degree from an accredited institution and at least (3) three graduate credit hours or (6) six undergraduate credit hours in each of the following: accounting, finance, statistics and economics, and three years and preferably (5) five years of full-time managerial or professional experience.

Note: Courses in the DBA program are eight-weeks in length and students are scheduled for one or two courses concurrently. Dissertation courses are eight-weeks in length.

Program Outline

Students are required to select one of the three specializations. Students take seven core courses for 21 credit hours (common to all specializations), 9 credit hours in research, 18 credit hours in their respective specialization, and 12 hours in the dissertation.

To receive a Doctor of Business Administration degree, students must earn 60 graduate semester credit hours.

Fifty-four of the program hours must be completed through BSU.

Program requirements are as follows:

Doctor of Business Administration Major Core Courses ( 60.0 credit hours )
Core Courses ( 21.0 credit hours )
Foundations in Business Research Writing ( Prerequisite ) 3.0 credit hours
Management and Leadership Approaches 3.0 credit hours
Global Business 3.0 credit hours
The Global Economy 3.0 credit hours
Financial Theory and Policy 3.0 credit hours
Marketing Management 3.0 credit hours
Strategic Decision Making for Managers 3.0 credit hours
Research Courses ( 9.0 credit hours )
Methods and Analysis of Quantitative Research 3.0 credit hours
Methods and Analysis of Qualitative Research 3.0 credit hours
Mixed Methods 3.0 credit hours
Marketing Specialization ( 18.0 credit hours )
Emerging Issues in Marketing 3.0 credit hours
Seminar in Global Marketing 3.0 credit hours
Seminar in Marketing Models and Theory 3.0 credit hours
Consumer Behavior Theory and Practice 3.0 credit hours
Strategic Service Marketing 3.0 credit hours
Seminar in Research Analysis for Marketing 3.0 credit hours
Global Management ( 18.0 credit hours )
Micro Organizational Behavior 3.0 credit hours
Macro Organizational Behavior 3.0 credit hours
Decision Making and Risk Analysis 3.0 credit hours
Organizational Leadership 3.0 credit hours
Organizational Design and Development 3.0 credit hours
Emerging Management Theories 3.0 credit hours
Global Business Specialization ( 18.0 credit hours )
Cross Cultural Management & Negotiations 3.0 credit hours
Global Finance Management 3.0 credit hours
Global Strategic Management 3.0 credit hours
Global Business and Technology 3.0 credit hours
Global Supply Chain Management 3.0 credit hours
Advanced Topics in Global Management 3.0 credit hours
Dissertation Courses ( 12.0 credit hours )
Dissertation 12.0 credit hours
DissertationExtension 2.0 credit hours


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